About Us


At BURNOUT we strive to ensure health and fitness for all our clients. Physical and mental wellbeing are the most discussed topics today and maintaining a healthy balance between the two is of paramount importance. And we acknowledge that.

Incepted in the year 2018, BURNOUT has earned a reputation of its own for providing the best gym equipment for bodybuilding and having a team of experienced and expert trainers to guide the ones in need of a healthy body and mind. We are known for delivering the best weight gain and weight loss training with freehand exercise, aerobic, yoga and more. Being one of the leading fitness studio in Kolkata, we not only help you get in proper shape but also ensure peace of mind. We offer you –

Modern equipment

BURN OUT is well-equipped with modern equipment that facilitates training. From weight training to intensive cardio and from full-body toning to weight loss training, our best fitness classes for weight loss offer you all. Regular maintenance of the equipment ensures the efficiency and safety of the user.

Qualified fitness trainers

Be it intensive cardio training or relaxing yoga sessions, our gym fitness trainers are here to help you with all your fitness requirements. They are well trained and certified to recommend diet and exercise as per your body shape, size, type and body need. They are professional and friendly to make your session comfortable and efficient and you can see visible results and ensure health and fitness in less than the time expected.

Certified Nutritionist

Nutrition plays an essential role in getting into a proper shape and leading a healthy life. BURN OUT – the best gym for body transformation, houses certified nutritionists that can guide a supplement-free gym nutrition plan so that you can get into proper shape without harming your health. Be it losing or gaining weight, proper nutrition can get you healthier and fitter the right way.

Sanitized 4000 sq feet area

A sprawling sanitized area of 4000 sq feet offers the required space for all our trainees to get fit comfortably. Quality equipment and infrastructure offer the much-needed breathing space and adequate area to exercise without any restrictions or accidents.

Safety lockers

The safety of your belongings is of great importance to us. We acknowledge the need for safety lockers so that you can keep your essentials safely and locked-up while you are inside the gym. Every locker has a specific key that you can keep while you are inside the gym so that you can be assured that your belongings are untouched and safe.