Searching for a personal fitness trainer?

Congratulations you have traveled half the road of your fitness journey!!!

Now that you have decided to take the leap and work with the professional to achieve your health goals, we assume that you are either searching for a gym or a personal trainer who trained you at home. 

Being experts in this fleet for years, we suggest you choose a gym over an at-home personal trainer, as it is much more effective and you can be in an ideal environment that will motivate you to push above your limits and get out of your comfort zone to work for a healthy and fitter body. 

But will gyms offer you a personal trainer? 

There must be several questions as such hovering in your mind. Well, the answer to the above question is a big YES. Now you must be thinking about why you should opt for a personal fitness trainer in Kolkata

While you visit a gym you get the opportunity to choose between a personal fitness trainer or be a part of a regular batch. Although both are quite effective and helpful, the need for a personal trainer depends on your goals and health requirements. 

That being said, a personal trainer will help you with a diet that will be unique to your needs and body type along with a workout regime that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Besides, the train of concentration and focus will only be on you while you are working out unlike that in a group. 

But how do you choose your personal trainer? 

With the increasing number of certified trainers, it can be pretty challenging to find the best suited for you. However, at BURNOUT, we have a team of adept fitness trainers who can guide your fitness journey the best way possible. 

Given that you are still reading on, we assume that you were here to look out for a fitness trainer in Kolkata. If so, here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider before choosing a personal trainer. 

  • Credentials 

The first and most important factor to keep in mind is the credentials of the trainer. Consider no ifs or buts if the trainer fails to show you his fitness certification in the area of expertise. Besides, your personal fitness trainer in Kolkata should be mentally, physically and educationally fit to teach you and guide you in your fitness journey. Before you choose your trainer it is better you do some homework and learn about the required certifications that a trainer should procure and from which aggregated organisations, based on which you can judge the fitness professional. 

  • Experience

Experience makes a man near to perfect, if not completely. Fitness is a vast domain, and recommending the exercises based on your needs and body type can be challenging. A well-educated, trained and certified trainer can help you with the exercises and diet, for sure, but if he/she is an experienced one the effectiveness of the recommendation increases. There are several lessons that no books or classes can offer but the experience can. 

So give preference to the years of experience of the personal fitness trainer in Kolkata and trust no Tom, Dick or Hary

  • Specialities

We certainly do not want our trainer to be a jack of all trades but master of none. But if he is an expert of all trades, where is the harm?

In case you are looking for something specific, say, for example, you want a certain type of abs or want to achieve a hulk-like biceps, look for trainers who are experts in those fleets. If you are looking forward to benefiting from running only there is no use in hiring a trainer who experts in weightlifting. 

Therefore, analyse your requirement and look out for specialities of the personal fitness trainer in Kolkata before you sign the contract. 

  • Availability

What happens if you have a busy schedule in the office and fail to hit the gym by 7 pm? 

Do you willingly want to skip the workout for that day? Or will you be forced to skip because your trainer isn’t available post 7 pm?

Well, at BURNOUT, we do not believe in skipping working out under any circumstances (unless you are ill). Keeping in mind the schedule of corporate people and office-goers, we offer quite a flexible schedule so that you do not have to stop exercising after a busy day at work just because your trainers are unavailable. 

  • Expenses

Hiring a personal fitness trainer in Kolkata and bank balance running down? You certainly do not want such a scenario! 

Hence, before you choose your trainer keep in mind the fee that he/she would charge against training you. Make sure you do not go for something too expensive as there will be other financial obligations that you will have to cater to. 

Last but not the least, consider the location of the gym or the personal trainer. It is best to avoid a fitness centre that is too far from your office or home as gradually you will find it difficult to travel every day.