In today’s busy world, finding time to hit the gym can be difficult. However, this busy schedule of ours makes us often forget about our health and fitness and hence, exercise and working-out are of prime importance. 

Gymming is no more a luxury but a necessity and should be considered as a lifestyle. Finding a perfect gym can get quite tricky, and one significantly requires planning, searching, adjusting and some motivation. 


Yes! Don’t you feel lazy hitting a gym after a busy day of work? 

Relatable, huh?

But, if you successfully find a perfect gym for you, getting the motivation to hit the gym will not be such a struggle. 

Wondering “how to find the best gym in Kolkata near me?”

To find a match made in fitness heaven, here are some tips that you can consider while hunting for a perfect gym for you. Keep in mind that you will be investing your time, money and energy into a gym and hence you should be certain that your choice is perfect and need not be revised. 

Reviews and recommendations can be enticing enough to begin your search with, but there are more components to look out for – 

  • Location 

The location of a gym is paramount and should be the first point to consider when searching for a fitness studio. First, be sure how you will be commuting and then decide a comfortable location. Analyse if you would need your gym to be located at a walking distance from your home or workplace, or if you would agree to drive down. 

It is better to have your studio close by, as after a hectic day neither would you like to walk down miles after miles nor would you prefer driving through the traffic for hours.

  • Time 

Coupled with the location, the hours of your gym is also important. If it matches your schedule you won’t have a hard time carrying yourself up to your gym. Always remember, the higher the convenience, the lesser struggle and more frequently you are likely to go. Keep in mind your regular schedule and then fic your gym hours. 

Enquire if the gym you have shortlisted is flexible with your timing so that you can attend even if you fail to hit your fixed work-out hours any day. 


The gym is not just for working-out for a desired body but also to have therapeutic effects on your mind and soul. The ambience, here, plays a significant part. Don’t just judge a book by its cover as you would understand nothing if you just drive by. Visit a fitness studio, especially at a time you would likely be there in the future, to understand the ambience and aesthetics of the place.  

If it fails to please you at the first visit, the last impression is unlikely to be enticing enough. Take a note of the number of gym-goers, ambience and aesthetics, the crowd, and the overall outlook of the place. 

Thinking “where to get the best gym in Kolkata near me with the best ambience?” 

Your search ends here! 

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  • Trainers and other members 

It is your right to ensure that you are receiving what you are paying for. And as far as your health and body are concerned it is rightful to ask about the qualification of the staff and trainers. 

Are the trainers experienced and qualified enough to help you with nutrients, diet and exercises? 

List down some important questions that may be hovering your mind and feel free to ask them. Keep note that the staff aids in setting up the tone and ambience of the gym. Alongside, make sure the members are welcoming enough to find the motivation to hit the fitness studio the next and following days as well.  

  • Equipment

Equipment is one of the many and the most important reasons why someone would seek membership in a gym. While you think, “where to find the best gym in Kolkata near me”, the first factor that comes to your mind is the availability of quality equipment.    


So make sure that the equipment aids your fitness goals and your safety as well. You are hitting your gym to have a fit body not to break bones or hurt yourself.  

  • Facilities and Amenities 

Facilities, amenities and services are three most important components that you should look for in a fitness studio. 

What services will you get? Can you opt for a personal trainer? Can you change your gymming hours as per your convenience? Will you have your personal locker? Are there any possibilities of a steam bath and massage therapies? 

Get answers to all your questions before you apply for membership. 

Still wondering about, “which is the best gym in Kolkata near me”?

It is time that you get in touch with BURNOUT and get fit at an affordable membership fee. We offer you amenities and services that will help you to find your solace in our fitness studio.