You must have heard people visiting a nutritionist when planning to join a gym. Well, the craze behind consulting a nutritionist hasn’t been the same all along. You must have heard people taking supplements to build their body. Although the instant results are desirable, the long-term adverse effects can rip apart your health. 

This is why gradually people have started to avoid supplements and rely on a nutrition-rich diet as recommended by a nutritionist in Kolkata

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand to ensure health and fitness. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the life of those working out and having a strict exercise routine. 


Exercise uses a lot of energy and resources from the body, which needs to be replenished. This is when nutrition plays an important role in giving back the energy and nutrition that the body lost during exercising.

What nutrition does to your body? 

In simple terms, nutrition is what your body receives when you eat right and maintain a balanced diet.

BURNOUT introduces you to a certified nutritionist in Kolkata to guide your food pyramid so that you can gauge how much nutrition your body gets on a daily basis and if there is any deficiency that needs to be thought upon. The food pyramid usually consists of –

  • Oils
  • Grains 
  • Milk
  • Meat 
  • Fruits 
  • Vegetables 
  • Beans 

By including all elements of the food pyramid in the recommended dose, you will be able to give your body everything that it needs to nurture itself. Besides, you can also reduce your chance of falling sick frequently. 

With a nutrition-rich diet, your body gets the required energy, calcium, amino acid, antioxidants, minerals, phytochemicals, vitamins, fat, and others. All these elements are highly necessary for a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are exercising. 

Get in touch with a certified nutritionist in Kolkata to learn the right amount of nutrition your body needs and what diet to follow.  

What exercise does to your body?

Exercise keeps your body working and in condition. In other terms, if you do not move your muscles or joints, with time your body will become weak and lose flexibility and stamina. Exercise helps you gain the required stamina, flexibility and mobility and helps your body to fight and prevent diseases. 

With no movement, your body will cease to function. This can also lead to several other physical issues and mental inhibitions that are difficult to avoid. Moreover, lesser movement may also lead to weight gain thus welcoming heart disease, stiff joints and other such conditions. 

And at times illness can have an undesired compounding effect. Let us understand this with an example – 

Suppose you do not exercise. This can lead to weight gain. Weight gain, if not addressed, can result in diabetes, which further can welcome blindness, circulatory issues, cardiovascular disorders and even be fatal.  

So why let your body suffer when exercising can help you get rid of all such difficulties? 

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How do exercise and nutrition complement each other?

As per the top fitness trainers and nutritionists in Kolkata, nutrition and exercise not only complements each other but also needs each other to together build a healthy and strong body.  

In other terms, exercise requires energy and a nutrition-rich diet gives you that energy. Once you are done exercising your body demands you to restore your energy, which can be derived from glucose, extracted from carbohydrate, present in whole grains, a part of a nutrition-rich diet. 

That’s how we complete half of the circle!

Turning to the other side of the coin – 

As per the nutritionist in Kolkata, excess carbohydrate is stored in the body in the form of fat. Excess fat can lead to weight gain and other health disorders. Hence it is essential that we do not store the fat and instead burn it out by working out or exercising. 

And the other half of the circle gets completed! 

Certified nutritionists say that the right amount and form of carbohydrate or carbs can help your body in maximizing its potential without storing empty calories. 

For example, the carbohydrate consumed from a can of soda can also be resourced from three slices of whole-grain bread. But a certified nutritionist in Kolkata suggests choosing three slices of bread over a can of tasty soda. The reason being, our body finds it easy to break down three slices of whole-grain bread into energy, but the carbs present in a soda can will be stored as fat in the body. 

Therefore, it is highly important what you eat, in which form, and in what quantity you consume. 

BURNOUT houses certified nutritionists to guide your diet and fitness regime so that you not only are in shape but also have a fitter and healthier body. 

So why the wait? Now that you know how important nutrition is, it is best to be a member of BURNOUT to be guided by the nutritionist in Kolkata and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.